Còisir Dhùn Èideann

Edinburgh Gaelic Choir


About Us

Còisir Dhùn Èideann is one of Scotland’s longest established Gaelic choirs, being a combination of two choirs, one of which was formed at the turn of the 20th century. We have taken part in the National Mòd, a yearly celebration of Scottish Gaelic music and culture, established in 1891 that takes place across various parts of Scotland. We also take part in local mòds, striving to protect and promote the Scottish Gaelic language and music.

We are always extremely happy to welcome new members into the fold. There is never any pressure to take part in performances and there is no audition process, so whether you are completely new to Gaelic, returning, or fluent, Còisir Dhùn Èideann is a fantastic starting point.

 Why Sing in Gaelic?

An oppressed language, Gaelic was forcably removed from the people of Scotland along with their culture and way of life. Until as recently as the early 20th century, children were beaten in schools for using the Gaelic language. By singing in Gaelic you can contribute to the reclamation of this beautiful and ancient Scottish language, preserving our culture and heritage.

Learning a second language also gives your brain a great mental workout; It can help to delay dementia and improve memory and concentration. Joining a Choir can aslo help to foster a sense of inclusion, helping with mental health issues, widening social circles and reducing loneliness.